Steve Dolson


I grew up on a dairy farm and am proud to continue the family tradition of producing quality milk for fellow Canadians on our Perth County farm. We’ve been Gay Lea Foods members since 2000, and I am exceedingly proud to belong to a co-operative that supports families and communities while continuing to drive growth and innovation in the Canadian dairy industry.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Nordica Smooth lemon

Michael Barrett

President and CEO

I joined Gay Lea Foods in 1999 and have been a proud member for more than 16 years. We do things differently here. From our farms and production facilities, to our distribution networks and employees, we lead with our values. We are committed to driving our co-operative and the Canadian dairy industry forward through continued investment in innovation, growth and, importantly, our people – the very heart of our co-operative.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Nordica Smooth lemon topped with our Real Whipped Cream

Board of Directors

Rob Goodwill

Vice Chair

I have been a Gay Lea Foods member since 1987. It’s in my blood to love animals, work hard and raise a family while celebrating the values of farm life. Gay Lea Foods is a co-operative owned by dairy farmers. As we grow, evolve and continue to improve the industry for our members, these “born on the farm” values remain at our core.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Black River Cheese Maple Cheddar

Marie McNabb

Executive Member

I married into the dairy business and, along with my husband, became a member of Gay Lea Foods in 2009. We wanted to learn more about the industry and were drawn to the co-operative’s value-based business model. Being part of Gay Lea Foods means focusing on member and industry needs, while remaining true to the core principles of our co-operative identity.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Butter - salted and unsalted

Roger Boersen


Our farming family has been a proud Gay Lea Foods’ member since 1988. I strongly believe that Gay Lea Foods’ farmer-owned, co-operative business model – with its focus on collaboration between farmers, and employees – is the key to sustainable dairy farming in Canada. I hope my contributions on the Board of Directors will help positively shape the co-operative and the Canadian dairy industry for this generation and the next.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Spreadables Butter

Don Deitrich Headshot

Don Dietrich


As first-generation dairy farmers, my family immediately saw the value in joining Gay Lea Foods. We became members in 1992, shortly after starting our operation. Since that time, we have watched the co-operative thrive and grow. I look forward to what the future will bring as Gay Lea Foods continues to expand the market for Canadian cow and goat milk.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Banana cream pie topped with our Real Whipped Cream

Mark Hamel


As member of Gay Lea Foods since grade eight and a producer member since 1979, I am extremely proud of what this co-operative has been able to accomplish by working together for the betterment of our industry, our members, and our communities. This includes Gay Lea Foods’ long history of supporting education, poverty relief and community well-being projects around the world – something we continue to do through the Gay Lea Foundation.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Ivanhoe Old Sharpe Cheddar

Roger Harrop


I have been a Gay Lea Foods member since 1990. I enjoy being part of a co-operative that believes in the power and influence of its people; something Gay Lea Foods’ demonstrates through its commitment to education and training for members, elected representatives, managers and employees. These programs are cultivating leaders that will contribute to the successful development of our co-operative for years to come!

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Chocolate milk

Chris Johnson


As a Gay Lea Foods’ member since 2001, I’ve learned that the co-operative’s success is a direct result of its commitment to collaboration, community and quality. It is the people and their passion, and commitment, to the long-term success of the co-operative that enables Gay Lea Foods to focus on productivity-enhancing investments that support our members and create jobs and growth here in Canada.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Nothing but Cheese

Meredith Miller-Delichte


My husband and I began the process of becoming members in January 2017 when Gay Lea Foods officially opened membership to dairy farmers in Manitoba. We are extremely pleased to be able to invest in the industry beyond our farm gate, and to be part of a forward-thinking co-operative with a proven track-record of establishing relationships with others in the Canadian dairy industry.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Chocolate milk

Dick Straathof


I grew up on the dairy farm that my brother and I operate today and have been a Gay Lea Foods member since 2001. I’m proud to be a dairy farmer and to belong to a co-operative that mirrors my own values. From farm to production facility to distribution network, there is a shared understanding that there are no shortcuts to quality or success.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: Real Whipped Cream

Jennifer Woodhouse


I married into the world of dairy farming and, following Woodhouse tradition, became a Gay Lea Foods member shortly thereafter, in 1995. I love that my family and our farm are part of a larger co-operative that shares our values. We are part of a bigger picture – one that continues to grow as Gay Lea Foods expands its boundaries and embraces both goat and bovine dairy producers.

Favourite Gay Lea Foods product: A cold glass of chocolate milk


Milena Corredig, Vice President, Research and Development
Michael Eusebi, Vice President, Finance
Luis Garcia, Vice President, Supply Chain
Larry Hook, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Jay Kirktown, Vice President, Business Development
Amrit Leighl, Vice President, Operations
Rosemary MacLellan, Vice-President Strategy & Industry Affairs
John Rebry, Chief Financial Officer
Dana Stevens, Executive Director, Human Resources

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Mobeen Khalid

Process Excellence Lead

"I joined the Gay Lea team looking for an opportunity to challenge myself in a rewarding environment and to further grow my skill set. What I experienced since then has been more than just an opportunity; it has given me a sense of family. The family and friendship within Gay Lea far surpasses any other reward."

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